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We are always eager to meet like-minded people who share our passion and work ethic. We have put together some information below, including what our staff do, who we are and how we approach work here at Airmatic.

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What we do
Our people and values

What we do

Airmatic is the UK’s leading high integrity ductwork and fabrication company. We offer premium environmental solutions for challenging workspaces – such as chemical plants, food manufacturing facilities and paper mills. Our fully welded stainless steel promises a higher performing solution – and our rigorous standards meet those of SMACNA and Sellafield.

We understand the adverse effects of unwanted dust, fumes, and odour in high-intensity workplaces and are passionate about helping our customers keep their employees safe and their businesses booming.

By combining our vast experience, forward-thinking and unmatched product design techniques– we provide our customers with a single point of contact for all of their ductwork and fabrication needs, ensuring a simplified and hassle-free service with meaning.

Our people and values

Our values across our ductwork and fabrication expertise are fused together through forward-thinking, innovation and team spirit.

We are unique in our capabilities because we provide manufacturing and design expertise as a full service. Our premium and bespoke environmental solutions for challenging workspaces are available to customers facing problems in areas such as dust, fumes, heat, and odour.


We are passionate about making local people part of the Airmatic team. If you are looking to build a rewarding career or to gain work experience in the field whilst studying, an apprenticeship might be right for you.

Each year, we recruit apprentices in one or more of our business operations including:

  • Administration
  • Accounts and finance
  • Sheet metal fabrication
  • Engineering and building services