Eradicate harmful fumes from your working environment with a bespoke Airmatic fume extraction system.

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The airborne residue created by solvents, paint and welding bay fumes can have a dangerous impact on those on-site and in close proximity. Effects range from mild symptoms, such as watery eyes and a runny nose, to more serious, long-term health issues – including chest tightening, breathlessness, and chronic effects on the central nervous system. 

With this in mind, it’s essential that health and safety officers do all they can to prevent harmful fumes from circulating the atmosphere. Using a fume extraction system, these negative impacts can be prevented.

Solvent fume

Certain industries, such as engineering, chemical, construction and printing, are more likely to be exposed to harmful solvent fumes, which can cause potential health and safety issues in the workplace.

Solvent fumes are often colourless, strong in scent, and created during curing and cleaning industrial processes. Exposure to solvent fumes must be avoided at all times – with the most efficient solution being a fully functional fume extraction system, and that’s where we come in.

Paint fume

Some types of paint contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) – which are potentially harmful substances that can bring on both short and long-term negative health effects.

For those working in an indoor setting, the risk is particularly prevalent, with these types of paint being up to 10 times more concentrated indoors than outdoors. Headaches, dizziness, memory impairment and kidney/liver damage are just a few reported health issues associated with paints containing VOCs.

Our carbon-filtered fume extraction systems are specifically designed to capture these harmful compounds, protecting your employees and their working environment by cleaning the contaminated air thoroughly.

Welding bay
fume extraction

Welding bay fumes come with an array of issues that need to be considered in hazardous environments. The fumes produced from activities, such as welding and hot cutting, release airborne gases – like nitrous oxide (NOx), carbon dioxide (CO2) and carbon monoxide (CO). If used, these fine particles can create a cloud of metal, metal oxide and flux, kickstarting a series of negative effects on those in close proximity. With exposure leading to serious health conditions, such as pneumonia, or long-term illnesses such as asthma, it’s essential that business owners do everything they can to eliminate the risk.

Our premium and purpose-built fume extraction systems are provided and fitted to ensure that these gases and fine particles do not get inhaled or risk ill health for those on-site or nearby.

The benefits of choosing
a fume extraction system

Steady circulation icon

Provides a steady circulation of fresh clean air in the workplace

Health and well-being improvements icon

Improves health and wellbeing on-site, contributing to increased productivity

Minimizing hazards with control

Better controls and minimises workplace hazards

The key features of an Airmatic
fume extraction system

Bespoke system design

Bespoke system design

On site manufactoring icon

On-site manufacturing

Complete integration icon

Integration with existing extraction system

Fan and filter bespoke design

Fan and filter design/calculations

Fabrication expertise

In-house fabrication expertise

Air quality monitoring

Air quality monitoring and LEV services also available

You can rely on Airmatic to install a high quality fume extraction system

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