Trim Extraction Systems

Regardless of the sector you’re in, Airmatic will provide you with the best, custom engineered trim extraction system to best suit your business – keeping your workspace clean, free of waste, and, most importantly, safe.

Types of trim
extraction solutions

Paper Trim
Paper trim icon
Corrugated metal icon
Fabric trim
Can and other
metal trims
Can and metal trims

Why Trim

The typical stages of our trim extraction process will involve: 

  • Positioning extraction points

Our team will start by positioning extraction points next to areas that produce the highest volumes of waste. 

  • Waste transportation 

The waste collected will then travel through these extraction points to reach the main header system, to then be met with fans designed for waste-handling. 

  • Rapid material removal 

These waste-handling fans will keep the trim waste moving through the system at a high velocity, ensuring that just the right amount of volume and pressure is used. 

  • Recycling scrap materials 

The scrap can then be efficiently removed from the removal point, to then be recycled.

The challenges
of trim extraction

The design of ductwork systems to remove unwanted materials is tricky and requires innovation, skill, and expertise for successful development. We work alongside our end users and engineers to craft a suitable ductwork system that offers clean waste material removal. 

Combining years of industry expertise in ductwork and fabrications, our offsite team is able to tweak trim extraction systems upon installation to ensure that it meets your requirements. Here at Airmatic, we are proud to have the means to offer a flexible, cost-effective solution to our customers.

The benefits of choosing a
trim extraction system

Clean workspace with limited mess

Clean workspaces
and limited mess

Fan and filter bespoke design

Minimised health and safety risks

Minimal system downtime

Minimal waste
and downtime

The features of a trim
extraction system

Bespoke on site manufactoring

On-site manufacturing

Industry expertise icon

Combined industry expertise to design a bespoke system

Combating dust icon

Able to combat other issues, such as dust, at the same time

Ensure that you’re choosing the right trim extraction system with Airmatic

Find out how we can help you keep your work environment clean and free of waste by contacting a member of our team on +44 (0)161 764 4004, or visit our contact us page to discuss your requirements.