Odour Extraction Systems

In almost every type of working environment, the production of unpleasant odours are inevitable – particularly in the waste and recycling industry, where the accumulation of general waste and the process of food processing can cause issues on-site, and in neighbouring areas.

The Environment Agency (EA) takes odour complaints extremely seriously, and is able to shut down manufacturing where odour is not controlled. So, in order to completely eradicate this invisible nuisance, Airmatic’s odour extraction solutions are an essential consideration in new plant construction, and a necessary consideration for the continual running of a site.


Airmatic works with a range of partners to offer an efficient three-step solution. However, to ensure that the process is adapted to best suit your requirements, we also offer each step as an individual service.

The Odour
Extraction Design
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The Odour
Odour control solution
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The Odour
Extraction Design

We like to attend sites to take notes and immerse ourselves in every detail of your requirements, to provide you with the best service possible. If you’re unsure of what type of system or solution you need for your business, our team of experts are on hand to provide detailed advice whenever you require it.

Our innovative team of chemical engineers and process engineering consultants can then work to produce a bespoke odour extraction system that ticks all of the safety boxes for your workplace.

The Odour
Control Equipment

Our bespoke designs usually include one or more of the following pieces of odour control equipment:

  • Carbon absorbers are used to activate carbon to absorb odours
  • RTO (Regenerative Thermal Oxidisers) – to burn the odour
  • Biofilters
  • Wet, dry and chemical scrubber

Odour Extraction: Ventilation
System Design

Our team’s collaborative skill set enables the seamless step-by-step process needed to design and craft a ventilation system that best fits your working environment. We ensure that the correct airflow is extracted and supplied through the system, whilst offering our professional opinion on other potentially linked environmental factors that could be negatively impacting your workplace, such as:

  • Dust
  • Fumes
  • Heat generation

The benefits of choosing an odour extraction system

Pollution control icon

Pollution control for the site and surrounding area – keep your neighbours happy

Environment Agency permit icon

Obtain an Environment Agency (EA) permit

Full design and installation service icon

Protect the wellbeing of employees

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Ensure health and safety obligations are met

The key features of an Airmatic odour extraction system

Full turnkey service icon

Large network of partners to offer a full turnkey service

Dust and fume extraction

Diverse complementary services such as dust and fume extraction

Odour extraction design icon

Experience with a variety of odour extraction solutions and odour problems

Suitable for hazardous environments

Pioneering ductwork manufacture suitable for hazardous environments

Opt for the best odour extraction system with Airmatic

Keep the air that circulates your workplace fresh and free from bad odours with an Airmatic odour extraction system. Want to find out more? Give us a call on 0161 764 4004, or visit our contact us page to discuss your requirements, so that we can create a completely bespoke design.