11 Aug 2017

Benefits of Custom Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication is the umbrella term used to describe the process of cutting, shaping, bending or assembling metal. Custom metal fabrication is slightly different, as it refers solely to the manufacturing a product that meets your specific needs and requirements directly.

The fabrication of sheet metal can be manufactured if you want to create an impact with your finished product. Metal fabrication is the process of adding value, and it can be very useful for machinery and equipment too.  

So, how does custom metal fabrication work?

  1. You come up with a design
  2. The raw material you require is shaped into the design you have created, this is done by cutting or forming.

Simple, hey? Some of the benefits of sheet metal fabrication include:


Once your metal has been customised, you will discover that it is surprisingly lightweight – this is advantageous for you when transporting it.


Everyone wants the finished product to look the part, but what’s the point if it doesn’t resist high temperatures or corrosion? The fabricated metal can withstand high temperatures and pressure, ensuring you have the quality finish you’ve been looking for, that lasts!


Sheet metal fabrication is suitable for all weather conditions, whether it be heat from the sun or moisture from the rain. In addition to this, the process ensures malleability and durability so your product will resemble high quality from start to finish, and match the design you created.

Utilising our sheet metal workers, welders, engineers and high specification equipment, we are able to produce a high-quality range of bespoke fabrications out of a range of materials mainly:

– Stainless steel
– Mild steel
– Galvanised steel
– Special materials such as bronze and copper.

Want to know more about our custom metal fabrication work? For more info, call our friendly team today on : 0161 764 4004

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