16 Nov 2015

Sharkey Louvres

Our customer required the manufacture supply and installation of a 46m long row of double bank acoustic louvres to reduce the noise of new chiller plant installation in an outdoor well at the foot of a building. Using our expertise in acoustics as well as our capabilities and knowledge in steel work installation we were able to provide a full package of works including the design both acoustically and structurally as well as the installation of the entire package of works.

Several new chillers were to be installed in a well at the bottom of the building, which had several offices immediately above with large windows overlooking the city. The concern that the noise from the chillers would cause disturbance in the offices required a bank of acoustic louvers to reduce the noise, while ventilating the plant.

The design by the mechanical consultant was given to us by the customer, we then worked with this to produce our final design which included the design of the acoustic louvre, acoustic panelling along the sides of the well, supporting structural steels and maxing good of the well so that access could be gained.The louvres were of a double bank make up (2 single louvres back to back) giving a depth of 610mm, the total package dimensions were 2000mm width and 46000mm long. The louvres were supplied in sections and where designed to meet the specified noise requirements. In addition to the louvres we also supplied 100mm thick acoustic panels to further reduce the noise enclosed by the louvres; these panels ran the length and width of the well.

In addition to this we also designed, supplied and installed the structural steel to mount the louvres. In addition to this structural calculations had to be undertaken to confirm the integrity of the proposed design, before any installation was allowed to take palce. A final addition of a steel grid walk way was added over the top of the louvres for access purposes.

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