3 Jul 2015

Laser Peening Robot

Handling Laser Peening Robot Noise

The Metal Improvement Company use Laser Peening technology to increase the resistance of blades used to manufacture Rolls Royce aerospace engines.

This and other surface engineering processes produce extremely noise levels in excess of 100 dB. At The Metal Improvement Company, they wanted a bespoke solution to ensure the wellbeing of the laser operators in the area.  Noise Reduction at source was required in order to reduce this and improve the working environment of the operators.

The Solution

We designed, manufactured and installed an Acoustic Enclosure in order to effectively reduce the noise levels on the factory floor. Due to the dangerous nature of the laser peening process, we also had to make sure the enclosure was suitably secure and heavy duty enough to withstand the process.


The booth was constructed from a heavy box section frame and rigid insulated acoustic panels. It was powder coated to fit aesthetically into the factory floor. In order to comply with required on site health and safety rules, it was fitted with internal lights, safety switches and laser safe vision panels. We manufactured a soundproof, pneumatically controlled door for access by laser operators.


Airmatic attended site and worked with Metal Improvement Company engineers to successfully install the booth. We also ensured the booths electrical and pneumatic components were connected and integrated into site electrical and safety systems. Due to the nature of the equipment in the area, our installation teams had to take extra care and ensure that nothing was damaged or disrupted during the build.

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