15 Feb 2018

News – Airmatic Become a Member of ADCAS

Airmatic: Joining ADCAS as a New Member

In an exciting piece of company news, Airmatic Ltd is now a member of the ADCAS. The Association of Ductwork Contractors and Allied Services is an association which represents all companies with an interest in ductwork. Full members are those who manufacture and install ductwork, but supporters and suppliers can also join as associate members.

As a result of our design and creation of bespoke ductwork, we have achieved full membership status. Such a relationship offers a number of benefits, including:

  • Liaisons with Government over key ductwork legislation.
  • Regular meetings to discuss important issues facing the industry, as well as allowing members a broader insight into the industry as a whole.
  • Key representation of the wider construction industry.
  • Promotion of better specification, design and installation of ductwork.
  • Encouragement of higher standards through education and technical developments.
  • Working with other organisations such as B&ES, FETA and more.

Formed in 1997, leading duct workers believed that the industry needed an individual body to voice opinion and present a specific identity. Ultimately, they work to tackle industry issues felt like suppliers and manufacturers alike, while constantly attempting to improve the supply chain.

As part of this association, Airmatic hopes to be a part of this positive improvement to the ductwork industry going forward.

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