16 Nov 2015

Battery Fume Extraction


The customer, A large distribution centre of a well known supermarket chain, was experiencing problems with the vapours – in particular hydrogen given off during the recharging of their folk lift truck batteries. They had multiple areas charging large amounts of batteries in stations. This was across multiple areas around the distribution centre and in various temperatures Our brief was to safely extract the fumes to atmosphere creating a cleaner working environment, improve health and safety on site and to help them to comply with statutory regulations.

Design, Manufacture & Install

We designed an integrated ducting system consisting of spirally wound duct, fans, grilles and silencers. The ducting system ran through each area with extraction ducts positioned above each station. Due to the nature of the fumes, we commissioned the build of large bifurcated fans which eliminated explosion hazards. Our highly skilled operatives installed the job on site. Again with high regard given to Health and Safety and explosion hazards associated with the production of hydrogen.

The end product

The final product was a neat, aesthetically pleasing solution which helped to provide a cleaner working environment for the employees. The battery fumes are now extracted, filtered and transported safely from the building.


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