29 Jun 2018

What Are Businesses Doing To Combat Pollution?

In recent years, air toxicity has reached an all-time high. By February this year, pollution levels in the UK had already exceeded the legal limit. Air pollution doesn’t just have a detrimental effect on the environment, it can also seriously harm people. Every year, at least 40,000 early deaths are linked to poor air quality. Large businesses across the globe can be some of the biggest culprits when it comes to adding to the dangerously high air levels. So, what are businesses doing to combat pollution? And what more can be done?


Air Pollution

Air pollution can be hazardous at its highest levels, so businesses must have responsibility when it comes to limiting their contributions to poor air quality.  When it comes to sourcing materials, the UK especially benefit from worldwide trading opportunities. For example, the fruit and vegetables we see in shops that are available all year round are often flown over from other countries. This means more aeroplanes are shipping products globally, when it fact, in most cases the produce can be grown on our own soil. We have seen supermarkets taking action, with much produce now being grown in the UK, and those vegetables that can’t are simply not available on the shelves until they’re in season over here.

Large factories and other industrial companies are having to evaluate their use of machinery and equipment in terms of output emissions that are harmful to the environment. Installing a ventilation system can also help with air quality in the factory, many businesses are now choosing air filters to have better control and combat pollution.

On a smaller scale, many companies have implemented commute to work schemes. For example, cycling to work schemes can beneficial not only for employees to get exercise, but also ideal for curbing air pollution from staff driving in. They can also promote carpooling, walking, and public transport.


Noise Pollution

We shouldn’t only focus on the effects of air pollution; noise pollution is also a major concern for businesses. Noise pollution can also be seriously harmful to employees. Exposure to extreme levels of noise can cause employees to develop hearing issues, such as tinnitus.  Furthermore, a business may receive noise complaints from residents if it’s disruptive, so where applicable, they should be installing acoustic enclosures or acoustic booths to try and control the noise levels. Not only will this control noise levels for the factory, but it will also be beneficial to employees’ health.


Could you be doing more to combat pollution?

If you’re operating from an industrial site or city centre, then it’s advisable to evaluate your business and consider if there’s anything more you can do to help reduce your levels of pollution. Installing a ventilation system or acoustic booth may be a solution. Don’t hesitate to contact our experienced team on 0161 764 4004.

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