9 Nov 2017

Can Ventilation Save You Energy?

The proper use of ventilation, over time, will help you to save both energy and money. At the same time, too much ventilation can lead to heat loss. Finding the right balance between ventilation and heating, therefore, can be the difficult part, especially in a commercial setting.

While a domestic home receives all of the ventilation it needs through natural means and windows being open, a commercial setting needs a little extra help and a full ventilation system.

Heat Buildup

The primary focus of a ventilation system is to prevent the buildup of heat – both in a domestic and a commercial setting – so, it is important to keep this in mind when choosing a space for your business. Shaded buildings, light coloured roofs and tight closing windows/doors are advised to help prevent a serious heat buildup in a space.

Large machinery and numerous employees can mean that these outside factors effect in the indoor heat very little, as the build-up happens regardless of outdoor factors. In this case, a comprehensive ventilation system is extremely important.

If there is a large collection of factors pumping heat into the environment, then a ventilation system is the only thing that can help to regulate the heat back to a normal temperature. Which is not only essential for comfort levels but also a factor which greatly affects health factors. A regular temperature helps to prevent days off and the like, saving you from paying out sick pay and losing money as a result of staff days off.

Open Space

In a large commercial building or factory setting, there may be areas of your building which is not in constant use. These unoccupied areas can be a drain on both your heating and ventilation as there is no reason to keep these spaces at ambient temperatures at all times.

Sensory lights can be the answer to this issue. Light causes a buildup of heat in these unoccupied areas, as the bulbs are still emitting energy even if no one is in the room. A sensor can help to remove this issue as it means that when no one is in that space there is no additional heat building up in the space. Meaning that you will be able to save money as a result.

Regular Maintenance

Over time, your ventilation and ductwork will be subject to natural wear and tear. Which can, ultimately, make it less efficient. As such, it is important to keep up with regular maintenance checks in order to maintain the energy-saving benefits that a fully functioning ventilation system will present.

Without such maintenance, the energy saving factors of your ventilation will not be as apparent.


Overall, ventilation can help to save you money over time in conjunction with your heating as it helps to keep your environment at an overall ambient temperature. This, in turn, allows you to

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