22 Apr 2019

What Are The Different Types Of Metal Fabrication?

Diverse Types of Metal Fabrication: Exploring Variations and Techniques

Bespoke metal fabricators have the ability to produce many different types of metal fabrication which can help to benefit many industries. They can be used on many applications and be created using all kinds of metals. The main properties associated with a suitable metal fabrication including strength, flexibility, dynamism and resistance to corrosion. The fabrication process involves several stages including machining, cutting and welding and there are different types of metals that tend to be used in the fabrication process. This blog post highlights the 3 most common types that are used.


Different Types Of Metal Fabrication: Carbon Steel Fabrication


Of the different types of metal fabrication, carbon steel is considered the most popular form of metal used in fabrication for industrial purposes. The main reasons for this are that it’s relatively versatile in terms of its options and it can be used for the majority of fabrications including construction and machinery. Fabricators find this a relatively easy form of metal to work with and as it can be finished in a number of ways, the majority of fabricators tend to use this. As carbon steel is also widely spread, it can be available in different ranges of thickness and sizes which is beneficial for fabricators. It’s also well known for its sturdiness and strength, even in the harshest of conditions and environments.


Different Types Of Metal Fabrication: Stainless Steel Fabrication


What allows stainless steel fabrication to stand out from the other different types of metal fabrications is the polished steel coating that glosses over it, providing a pleasing appearance. It’s components consist of carbon steel, aluminium and chromium which prevents it from rusting in the air. Similar to carbon steel, fabricators consider this metal relatively easy to work with. It has bending qualities which make it easy for welding processes and its commonly used due to its corrosion-resistant properties.


Different Types Of Metal Fabrication: Aluminium Fabrication


Where aluminium metal is considered suitable in metal fabrication is when industries are conducting projects for metal but are unable to manage the weight of the metal. The lightweight quality that aluminium has makes it an ideal fabrication option in this instance. Of the different types of metal fabrication, where aluminium is most commonly used is in the automotive and aerospace industries. Where it’s best qualities lie is from being lightweight, durable and versatile.


Airmatic Stainless Steel Fabrication

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