4 Jun 2018

Health And Safety Checks You Should Be Doing As A Business Owner

Complying to health and safety regulations as a business owner can be relentless, with changes to the law being implemented often. However, it’s obvious that health and safety is highly important when it comes to running a successful business. Here are some of the most important health and safety checks you should be doing as a business owner:


Reducing hazards

Safety hazards are prevalent no matter what environment you work in. If you’re working at a construction site, there are specific guidelines put in place to reduce such accidents including: headwear, footwear and regulation of workers on site. Similar practices can be applied to an office environment, making sure any wiring is away from walkways, and strapped down with specialist cable sleeves is crucial to preventing an accident. Furthermore, even simple every day occurrences can be dangerous, for example obstructing doorways is an extreme fire hazard. Ensuring nothing is disrupting doorways can be a hassle, especially if it’s a busy office with constant deliveries – setting aside a designated are can help with this.


Creating a safe environment

Creating a clean and safe atmosphere for your workers is key for your employee’s health. Installing an air filter such as a ventilation system ensures they are breathing in clean air. Causing less indoor air pollution can help with your workers productivity and overall health, meaning they take less sick leave. If it’s an office-based computer role, then allowing workers time to have a break from staring at a computer screen is advised, as constant exposure to a screen can be damaging to the eyes.



Regular checks

Carrying out regular health and safety assessments will allow you to keep in control of your business environment. Whether this is done by an internal team or delegated to an external assessor, you can save your business potential hazard risks in the future by regularly checking for any health and safety concerns. Asking your staff is another great way of keeping on top of health and safety practices, why not ask them to fill in an anonymous survey detailing any concerns they may have? This way you will get a better understanding, having an alternative point of view.


Keeping up to date

The best way to ensure you’re in compliance with all health and safety regulations is by keeping up to date. As previously mentioned, laws in regards to health and safety are constantly adapting to a changing working world. Making yourself aware of any changes in the law is crucial in achieving full health and safety compliance.

At Airmatic Ltd, we take workplace safety extremely seriously, which is why we have everything you need to create a safe environment for your business. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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