10 May 2018

How to be more environmentally conscious in the workplace

Being environmentally friendly does not have to be a costly implementing process. Still, it is good to know that there are some helpful tips at hand to help you reduce cost in the workplace and still being environmentally friendly at the same time. It can even boost productivity in the workplace too!


To receive these benefits, read on further below for more information.


Using less paper


There are many methods to reduce paper wastage in the office. For instance, you can go digital and keep all of your word documents online using cloud technology, and even sign your documents online. You can even use less paper by opting to print on double sided paper instead of printing one sided. This way, you can will see a reduction of office wastage and printing cost in the long run. To reduce the costs further, you can even reuse scrap paper to make notes too.  


Remote working


Remote working have been thought to increase productivity in the workplace, as workers have been thought to be happier with their jobs as they can achieve work life balance. In addition, this can reduce travel cost for the employees and reducing emissions in the atmosphere. Alternatively, office overheads can be reduced by having more employees work from home, since your electricity bills can be cut too.


High quality air ventilation system


By having a high quality air ventilation system, you may find that the wellbeing of your employees improve and rising productivity. This is because the work environment would be more comfortable for them to work in rather than a stuffy environment with poor air ventilation. In addition, this can reduce the risk of damp in the workplace and in turn, increase health benefits for your employees!


Carpool incentives


By adopting more environmentally practices, you can try and encourage your employees to share rides by carpooling with their co-workers or riding a bike to work. You can offer them incentives such as covering parking costs as a reward too.




As a business, it is good to adopt a good image by implementing green practices. Therefore, recycling has never been much simpler. With various recycling schemes promoted by your local council, you can do your part by leading with example in partaking in recycling practices. Try to include separate boxes for various materials to recycle rather than just one waste bin. This way, you can reduce wastage in the environment and encourage your employees to be more environmentally conscious in the workplace.

The good thing is, we can cater our ventilation and ductwork system to your building too, as we understand that all buildings are different. After all, quality is very important in our line of work. We hope this have encouraged you to be more environmentally friendly in the workplace, and understand that these practices are inexpensive to implement as well. In return, you may see more benefits than you have realised by being green.  

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