23 Jul 2018

How To Keep Employees Motivated

Employees are one of the essential aspects of any business, they keep everything in operation, and all have the responsibility to fulfil the objectives of the company. Because employees of any sized business are a vital factor in the day-to-day function, there need to be tools in place to keep motivation high, which leads to positive productivity in their work. Here’s a look at four ways on how to keep employees motivated consistently.

One-to-One Meetings

Organising time with employees individually is a pivotal way to discuss their current work and acknowledge their progression. Employees will find it much easier to point out changes they would like if the meeting is planned out periodically. It also gives the employer the chance to identify areas for improvement and where the employee is thriving in their work. Doing this will motivate employees to progress further into their career, and highlighting what they need to do or continue to receive a promotion, raise or other recognition.


Depending on the sector the business targets, adding some friendly competition for employees to strive towards will boost morale and create a sense of achievement for the winners. Daily, weekly or monthly can be the competition length and offering a variety of prizes will keep it exciting, as well as being able to see which employees prefer different recognition techniques. Some people might enjoy a money prize and others a gift, if morale shoots up with a particular competition or prize the key is to stick with the most effective technique. However, mixing it up slightly can always help as repeating the same competition might not entertain some compared to others.

Working Conditions

Giving employees a comfortable working day is one of the best ways to offer a continuous level of positive morale. Looking at how to keep your employees motivated, heating during the cold months, air conditioning in the warmer times of the year might seem simple, but it can be overseen by some businesses, which can cause daily discomfort. Comfort also comes from the day to day devices required to work. Morale can be affected equipment that isn’t up to scratch. Offering free hot drinks, fruit and water is also a nice touch for positivity, especially in the morning.

Themed Events

Throughout the year there’s a lot of different events to celebrate, and letting employees get involved with anything coming up is a great way to keep staff motivated. Christmas decorations, a Halloween party or a football sweepstake, are all relatively cheap to fund and staff will get a lot of fun out of both the build-up and main event.

Looking at the reasons behind businesses asking how to keep employees motivated is a sign that something needs to change. It’s a step in the right direction when considering the best approach to improvement, so this article should have hopefully given you a few ideas to go from, or inspired a new technique to try. If you’re a small business, you can try doing some of these ideas on a more modest level, or just trying different approaches as you go along, rather than trying multiple and being unsure which was most effective.

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