17 Sep 2018

How To Prevent Dust Build Up In A Workplace

Dust build up in a workplace can be a cause for major allergy irritation which as a result, can lead to severe illnesses in the long term if continuously exposed to it. With equipment and desks around your working environment, it can be easy for dust to surface and build up over time. As an employer, help is available to prevent dust from attaching to work surfaces and causing dust to build up. Keeping your workplace healthy and safe should be a top priority as a business owner and there are several ways measures you can put in place for dust control.


Check cleaning schedules are followed


In most, if not all working environments, there’s likely to be staff that are hired who do the cleaning of the workplace on regular basis. If you find that it’s common to see dust in and around the workplace, you need to ask yourself whether these duties are being fulfiled in the first place. The people doing the job need to be made aware of the benefits of keeping the workplace clean. Hiring a professional company means they can come in regularly and do the job up to a high standard.


Have Good Ventilation


Air pollution indoors is just as crucial to deal with as it is outdoors. Good ventilation systems are essential in making sure you have clean air circulating around your workers. Whether you work in an office or in a large industrial workplace, if staff are having trouble breathing it most likely means there’s an issue with your systems. Make sure your systems are up to date and working properly. Dust can easily build up in the systems and when turned on, they can spread through the air making it harder to breathe and becoming a health risk for those with allergies.


Make Sure Everything’s Sealed Correctly


Seals in and around your windows or doors can corrode over time, allowing dust particles, pollen and other forms of allergens to enter the workplace. This can add to the dust particles you probably already have building up where it could have been prevented if you’d checked the seals. They can be noticed easily by listening for whistle sounds in and around the doors and windows, or by simply running your hand along the seals to feel any air coming through. Correcting these issues can also help with saving money on air conditioning and heating bills.


Be Sure You Have The Right Tools


Different businesses require different dust control solutions so consider whether you have the right equipment and tools to deal with the job. If you’re working in a large industrial factory, it’s likely that you’ll need to have large dust extraction systems fitted to tackle dust and debris. On the other hand, in an office, you may need HVAC solutions that are smaller but do the job just as well.


Above are several solutions to help prevent dust build-up and keep it under control. Although it may seem minor, regular exposure to dust can mean long-term damage to health, which shouldn’t be worth taking the risk for yourself and your colleagues. In doing so, you can make sure that your work becomes and maintains being safe.


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