11 Sep 2017

Noise Impact Assessments

Evaluating Noise Impacts: Assessing the Effects

Many residential or mixed use developments will require a noise impact assessment to support a planning application. This does essentially what it says on the tin – assesses the impact the noise coming from the building will have.

The report ensures that adequate protection is provided for future residents by minimising noise impacts. Industrial soundproofing is essential, because noise pollution is a serious problem which can lead to a costly reduction in performance by employees, increased absenteeism, distraction and stress levels and other health issues.

By improving the soundproofing in industrial workspaces, employers can provide a safer and healthier environment for employees.

Industrial soundproofing significantly reduces noise levels, creating a safer working environment for employees and reducing noise pollution for nearby residents and businesses.

In addition to this, any neighbouring residents and businesses of noisy industrial units will appreciate the reduction in noise levels through the implementation of industrial soundproofing techniques.

Here at Airmatic,  we have several soundproofing options available, depending on the project and scale. Using our extensive experience and detailed knowledge of acoustics, we tailor the solution to meet your exacting requirements. Our products include : 

Acoustic Booths

Acoustic Enclosures

Acoustic Louvres

Acoustic Attenuators

We design, manufacture and install a wide range of noise control solutions, applicable to a variety of industrial and environmental needs.

We can recommend solutions to ensure compliance thatare both practical and cost effective. Contact us today to talk about your requirements and for more information on our Acoustic Louvres, Enclosures, Attenuators and sound insulation Booths.


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