16 Nov 2015

Pump Enclosures

Working closely with our customer we developed a small enclosure to house an industrial pump which served to pump oil round a larger machine, noise levels in the factory where the pumps were in operation were higher than the permissible level and so needed to be brought below that level.

The pumps served to distribute oil around the larger machine in order prevent the machine from overheating. There are several pumps working in tandem on the factory floor. Our customer needed to have an enclosure which could meet the noise limits on the factory floor.

The enclosure comprised of 6 off 50mm thick acoustic panels, the 2 ends where made 700mm wide and the two sides where made 1760mm long, the top and bottoms where made 700mm by 1760mm the overall height at 1100mm, this included the 140mm feet at the bottom of the enclosure, which is required to enable a fork lift truck to move the enclosures to their final position on the factory floor.

In order to place the pump inside it was necessary to be able to remove several of the panels, the design allowed for removable panels at one end, two sides and the top of the enclosure, which were then secured in place with latch locks. In addition to this the fixed end panel was complete with seven inlets 5 for pipe in standard BSP dimensions and 2 for electrical connections.

The enclosures acoustic performance was of particular importance as the end factory was a client based outside of the U.K whose noise limit levels where below that of those set in the U.K with this in mind it was important to ensure that the noise levels stayed below this limit level.

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