18 Mar 2019

How Often Should Ventilation Cleaning Take Place In Your Office?

Importance of Office Ventilation Cleaning & Optimal Frequency


Absence from work is one of the key drivers in lack of productivity for employees in office buildings, and a major cause is because of the lack of ventilation cleaning. Do you ever what’s being clogged up in the ventilation and air duct systems in your commercial building? You might not know, but it may be the reason why employees are taking long absences from work. It should be a priority of yours as a business owner to ensure that your office workers work in a healthy business environment and improving air quality can help to do this and you can achieve this through regular ventilation cleaning.


Are There Any Regulations To Cleaning Check Ups In Your Office?


According to the HSE (Health and Safety Executive’s) Workplace Regulations of 1992, their code imposes that “Mechanical ventilation systems (including air-conditioning systems) should be regularly and properly cleaned, tested and maintained to ensure that they are kept clean and free from anything which may contaminate the air.”


It is the responsibility of business owners to make certain that any form of ventilation systems that are present in the office building are clean of producing harmful particles into the air.


What Are The Benefits Of Regular Ventilation Cleaning?


The primary reason for it as that it benefits the health of your employees and those around you. Regular cleaning appointments can help to clear the air of dust, pollen and other particles that linger in the air. In doing so, employees are less likely to take time off work due to illness and they can feel more engaged when it comes to completing their work. This can have an overall benefit on the business as efficiency increases across all employees. As well as this, there are other benefits to regular ventilation cleaning:


– They can work more efficiently, making them less likely to breakdown and becoming costly

– Lack of mould build up means smells are less likely to linger around the office

– Fines are less likely to occur from health and safety regulations


How Often Should Ventilation Cleaning Take Place In The Office?


In order to ensure that the atmosphere around your building is safe and clean, aim to have the ventilation systems cleaned every 3-5 years. However, this is just an estimate as how much your systems need to be cleaned can be determined by several other factors including where your commercial space is based, the size of it and how many people are facilitated in the building. A good sign that you might need ventilation cleaning sooner rather than later is if you see a build-up of debris occurring in your ventilation systems.


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