7 Jan 2019

Tackling Air Pollution With The Latest Innovation

As more and more of the population move to urban areas within large cities, tackling air pollution continues to be a hot topic for many. Unless more is done, there will be considerable stress placed on essential health systems and infrastructures.


Currently, over 4.2 million deaths are caused from outdoor air pollution according to WHO, the World Health Organisation. It can result in heart attacks, lung cancer and brain disorders for those of any age, especially young children. This is why tackling air pollution is seen as a priority by many health organisations and government agencies.


However, with the advancement in technology, there is a vision for change. Many initiatives have been introduced in cities across the globe to reduce the amount of air pollution being increased in the air. Architects and designers are making it a prime focus in their designs to discover inventive ways to make the air surrounding us, cleaner.


Living Buildings Tackling Air Pollution


Some cities have introduced the idea of ‘living buildings’ which are innovative creations in architecture to help air pollution. For example, in Krakow, Poland there’s a building that has a roof covered in specially grown moss. It helps to absorb pollutants in the air and covers over 1,300 sqm which is the equivalent of building 30,000 trees. This helps to contribute massively to reducing the amount of air pollution in the air.


Vertical Forests in Milan


Back in 2014, the business district based in Milan was to the Bosco Verticale, which is a high rise building in the heart of the district which is covered in organic life. The buildings feature thousands of shrubs, plants and trees almost acting as a photosynthesis hub to produce plenty of oxygen and absorb CO2. At the same time, it’s also an extraordinary site to witness when walking through the streets of the business district.


Smog Free Towers


Another innovation that’s helping with tackling air pollution is the Smog Free Tower. It was formed by Dutch designer Dan Roosegaarde and has an unusual architecture. It essentially acts like a large air purifier which helps to suck in polluted air from the top and then released purified air to the sides. It was originally tested in Rotterdam and has since made it’s way to Beijing in the hope that it can make China’s capital city completely smog free.


Technology is being used throughout several industries to improve the way of living and increase experiences. The same can also go for improving health and tackling air pollution. Where at first, products such as ventilation systems and eco engines were seen as the breakthrough in improving air quality, there are now examples of technology being taken to the next level and being implemented within building structures and business environments.


Improvements are being made, but innovations such as these will take time before becoming the norm which is why ventilation services are still a major priority for businesses and households. For further information regarding our ventilation solutions and other products, feel free to contact us here.


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