6 Oct 2017

The Effect of Noise Pollution on Health

In the commercial workplace, there are many dangers which can pose a threat to your employees. Noise pollution is one of the most serious of these dangers that can be faced in the commercial workplace on a day to day basis, though it is an often overlooked danger.

Not only could this be a serious issue for your worker’s health and the surrounding environment of your worksite, but it could also positively affect your local wildlife.

Fishy Findings

A study by scientists at the University of Bristol has discovered that noise pollution from construction projects can have a very disruptive effect on whole schools of fish. This is a result of water travelling faster in water than it does in the air.

The noise from construction when travelling at such speed causes fish to become less coordinated and slow, two factors which are vital to the survival of the school. This behavioural change in the fish can ultimately make them more susceptible to predators.

So, if noise pollution can have such a detrimental effect on schools of fish, what exactly is it doing to your workers?

Effects of Noise Pollution on Human Health

In terms of environmental stress, noise pollution is one that poses a serious risk of health conditions for your workers. Not only the typical symptoms of hearing loss, productivity depletion, sleep disruptions and impaired learning.

Noise can even have an effect on the heart and lead to coronary heart disease. But how?

High noise levels can actually elevate stress levels, which releases hormones such as cortisol, adrenaline and noradrenaline. Combined these hormones can cause a high blood pressure, stroke and heart failure. Over a whole career, those exposed to high noise levels on a regular basis are much more at risk of cardiovascular mortality.

Of course, the most common issue is the issue of noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). This can occur from an exposure to one loud noise such as an explosion, or as a result of continuous noise exposure in the workplace. Occupational exposure to high noise levels can not only be detrimental to workers hearing, but it can also be a cause of accidents due to affecting concentration levels.


So, what do you do to help prevent these issues for your workers? Reduction of the noise or earplugs is the only way to protect the hearing. An acoustic enclosure can be the necessary barrier your worksite needs in order to prevent a future of serious health problems for your workers.



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