7 Dec 2017

Top 5 Ways to Improve Warehouse Safety

Health and safety, no matter how much you think you have it covered, is something which needs to updated daily in a warehouse environment. Here at Airmatic, we are dedicated to creating the safest work environment possible in order for your business to thrive.

With that in mind, what are the easiest ways to improve the overall safety of your warehouse space?

1) Guardrails

One of the simplest ways to improve warehouse safety is the simple inclusion of guardrails throughout the area. Particularly from an area of extreme height or where distance is imperative for health reasons.

And rails can also help to improve the safety of indoor traffic, as they will make your drivers take more care to manoeuvre slowly. This can improve the safety of the warehouse for both drivers and pedestrians. 

2) Noise Reduction

One of the biggest dangers in a warehouse environment is noise pollution. Workers should already be equipped with the necessary ear protection if this is an issue, but preventing the noise from the source should also be considered.

In this situation, an acoustic enclosure is necessary in order to reduce the noise from plants in factories. Although, a barrier wall can also be erected if your needs require a more safe-efficient solution. 

3) High Vis Safety

High visibility clothing is essential in a dangerous work environment, but especially in a warehouse. This should be provided for all workers even if they are not necessarily working in the warehouse, as even if they are simply walking through it they need to be as visible as possible.

4) Marking Tape

Tape can be utilized to mark the safe zones when it comes to your warehouse environment. This tape, like guard rails, can help to define where people should be walking in any given space. It is, however, more flexible than a rail as it can be moved to suit the changing environment of the warehouse.

5) Lighting

Visibility, as already stated, is so important for the safety of a warehouse environment. Which is why, other than equipping workers in high vis clothing, investing in high-quality lighting is also vital. 

Floodlights for particularly dangerous areas – such as heavy machinery lifting zones – should be considered, as they can provide the best visibility.


Overall, the safety of your warehouse is imperative and so should be regularly assessed. If improvements can be made, then they should be done so as soon as possible in order to ensure safety remains at the forefront of the workplace.



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