28 Aug 2019

Common ventilation solutions for hot factory environments

With the hot weather that we’re currently witnessing globally, it’s more important than ever that industrial environments can provide ventilation solutions in the hot temperatures to ensure workers are safe. High temperatures on factory floors can be extremely dangerous and put them at high risk of dehydrating. As such here are some ventilation solutions that floor managers can implement to prevent this from happening.

Ventilation solutions can involve opening doors and windows

It’s important to bear in mind that due to the equipment that’s used in factory environments, there’s a risk that it can cause noise pollution in the surrounding area as well as outside air potentially contaminating the indoor equipment or products that are being made. However, if it is possible to open doors and windows in the factory environment, you should do so accordingly. This is one of the most common ventilation solutions available to work environments as it’s easy to do and can be relatively effective.

Ensure the building is designed for temperature control

If you have the benefit of building the commercial building from scratch, this would be a good time to consider how the building can be built for effective ventilation. Designing plants around the area and creating places for equipment that aren’t all clustered together in one spot can help dramatically to ensuring that the building can stay cool. Also, consider where windows will be relocated and types of materials that will be used during the construction phase.

Install air conditioning units

Another popular ventilation solution is installing air conditioning units in the commercial workplace. The units help to release cool air to the environment and prevent it from heating up too much and can be particularly effective when inserted into small spaces. However, for large industrial spaces, you may require a larger unit so that it’s able to cover the full surface area of the building.

Using fans to manage airflow

A manual method for ventilation solutions is to manage the airflow through fans. Depending on where they’re placed it can help the facility to appear cooler because the air will be passed from room to room. This is an ideal solution if you’re simply looking to make sure that your staff are cool and comfortable whilst they work. There are industrial fans available, however, which can provide a better cooling effect for your employees. Generally, manual cooling methods can be considered as quick solutions but you may need more effective ventilation solutions in the future.


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