13 Aug 2018

Ways You Can Check Your Business Energy Efficiency

In a working environment, it can be difficult to manage your business energy efficiency as there’s a constant need for electrical equipment to be used and services running on a regular basis for your business to function. However, with many businesses claiming that their energy use seriously affects their capital, it’s important that business owners can keep on top of this and see where most of their energy is being used and whether it can be reduced. There are several ways this can be made achievable.


Monitor Unnecessary Usage


If you walk through a work environment, there can be many examples where energy usage will be taking advantage off and could be better used. There are also many gadgets and advanced meter reading technologies available that help to break down your businesses’ energy efficiency and provide you with a better understanding of where it could be utilised better. Reading meters are so advanced these days you’ll be able to know at what part of the day energy is used most, how much and the average cost per hour that all these activities are contributing towards it.


Create A Checklist


To help keep on top of things you could also create a checklist that covers different energy uses in each part of the building. In it you can note down the different types of energy outlets to get a broader understanding of your business energy efficiency. For example, you can note down the lighting, equipment, heating etc which is situated in each room, making notes on each individual one. So, for heating, you could make a note of the size of the utility and whether it’s worth the size of the room if there’s an adjustable meter for temperature and whether there’s a timer so it’s only on for certain periods of the day.


Conduct Regular Spot Checks


Throughout the working day, do check-ups on your staff’s activity to make sure they’re doing their bit to save energy. If you find that they’re leaving the lights on after they’ve left rooms, keeping desk fans turned on when they’re not present at their desk or leaving windows open, let them know about it. If the whole team is encouraged to their bit to save energy it can greatly reduce your costs and easily boost morale.


Hire a Professional


If you feel that all possible angles have been covered from your end and yet you still feel as though more can be done to save energy, try hiring a professional to conduct a full audit of your workplace. They’ll be able to do a detailed audit and show you exactly where energy could be saved and increase your business energy efficiency. They’ll also be able to outline solutions, what should be considered, how much it’ll cost and what could be saved.


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