17 Jun 2019

What Is A Fume Extractor and Why Is It Needed?

Understanding Fume Extractors: Necessity and Benefits

What is a fume extractor? This may be a question that some industrial business owners may ask when it comes to choosing their ductwork. It’s an essential component within ductwork to ensure that industrial businesses can stick within regulations for releasing carbon emissions. But how does a fume extractor do this and why is it needed?

What is a fume extractor?

A fume extractor is a type of fan system that’s fitted within a ductwork to pull dangerous fumes from outside into a filtration system that can clean the air. It prevents the buildup of harmful chemicals building up within the atmosphere and creating a toxic environment. There are a range of filters that the fume extractors can use. The filtration systems working together with the fan helps to provide quality air and allow the process to recirculate. 

Types of fume extraction

There are several types of fume extraction available which can tackle particular jobs. Here at Airmatic, we deal with 3 types:

– Solvent

– Paint Fume

– Welding Bay

Solvent Fume Extraction: Solvents come in different hazardous levels but they can still be an issue. They tend to arise when there are processes occurring such as cleaning and although they remain colourless they can be detected through their smell. Exposure to solvent fumes should try to be avoided and this can be done through a solid fume extraction system.

Paint Fume: Paint is also considered a dangerous fume when exposed to. This is because of the VOC qualities that paints hold, but it can be dependent on the type of paint being used. It’s understandable that the levels of fumes paint give off can be more concentrated indoors then out, which is why a solid fume extraction system is crucial.

Welding Bay: Welding bay fumes can have different effects on people. Where some people may not suffer at all others may develop serious illnesses. The main gases that come from welding processes are those such as nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide which can be easily inhaled. To make sure these can’t be easily inhaled, a fume extraction system that can be installed from the floor or at bench level will prevent this.

Why is it needed?

Now that we’ve discussed further detail about what is a fume extraction, we no look into why they are needed. We’ve mentioned previously their main purpose which relates to health and safety issues and how they can protect employees in an industrial environment. However, fume extractors can also help industrial businesses to follow the law and avoid legal issues. Large chemical exposure for employees can be detected by the health standard with air pollution.

For further details on what is a fume extractor and or solutions, visit our fume extraction page.

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