17 Dec 2018

Which Air Compressor Should I Purchase For My Business?

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Determining which air compressor you should purchase for your business requires considering many steps. They all essentially work in the same way, forcing air into a small space pressure which helps to drive motion. However, there are a variety of air compressors that you can purchase and it also depends on the type of business that you have and what you require the air compressor for. They also vary in cost so it’s important that you purchase an air compressor that’s right for the job.

Types Of Air Compressors

These are some of the most common air compressors that are available in today’s market:

Rotary Screw Compressor

These compressor types are slightly more complex. They use a pair of interlocking rotors to help compress the air. They’re generally fixed and designated within a cabinet or space in factories or large commercial buildings. Due to their size, they can achieve cfm of up to 1000 and pressures of up to 13 bar.

Variable Speed Compressor

Due to the flexibility of controlling the speed, it can help with maintaining airflow and pressure when in use. They also use rotary screws and achieve a similar output. However, because of the control that you have, they can be greater in efficiency and therefore saving costs for shops and factories.

Piston Driven Compressor

The compressed air is driven by a piston in a cylinder and are available in two types. The direct drive which has pressures up to 10 bar can achieve up to 15 cubic foot per minute. Alternatively, there’s the hard wearing belt compressor which can achieve 40cfm with the same pressure. It’s common for these types of compressors to be portable, making them rather popular in the trade.

Requirements For Power

If you’re unsure about the power usage you require then it’s important to know what you’re looking out for and how you establish what you need. You can generally find the output of which air compressor you need on the actual tools and they come in two forms; the air pressure and its airflow.
Pressure Rating: This is commonly found in PSi or BAR and recommends the pressure of the air that’s produced.
Airflow: This rating is provided in either cfm or ltr/min. This provides guidance on how quick the air needs to be delivered in order to maintain its operation.
Once you’ve examined the ratings you’ll then need to add the figures together to provide an indication of the minimum air that your compressor will require to run all of the tools. Also, consider the requirements of each tool so the most powerful is satisfied for performance.

Quality Considerations

As well as pressure and airflow, you also need to consider the environment in which you’re using these tools. The application of the tools can determine how well it performs and whether it’s fit for the job.


Most machinery requires lubrication from oil so that the parts inside can move. This can interfere with the compression process and produce air that includes oil. In some cases, this need not matter but if it does, you’ll require a filter to which air compressor you choose to keep it oil free. This will help to keep the air clean by separating the oil and air in the compression process.


Regardless of the conditions you work in, there is likely to be water vapour in the air which can make your air compressor prone to moisture. Over time, moisture can cause damage to your air compressor which is why you should consider purchasing a dryer which can provide varying levels of dryness.


Depending on your work environment, noise can be acceptable. Some compressors can be extremely loud so if you wish to minimise it, you can consider purchasing silencer versions of your compressor. Screw or rotary compressors, in particular, are quieter than other versions.

Don’t worry if you’re not completely sure on which air compressor to purchase. At Airmatic, we use our expertise to make sure that you have the support to purchase the right industrial air compressors for the job, whether small or large.

For more information on which industrial air compressor is best, don’t hesitate to call us on 0161 764 4004 or contact us through our simple contact form.

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