21 Apr 2017

Which Ventilation System is Best for Your Business?

Creating a safe work environment should be a priority for any business owner, whether you work in a restaurant, an industrial site or a factory, there are certain measures to put in place to ensure that your employees can work safely and securely.


Creating a safe work environment should start with the air that your employees breathe, recent studies have revealed that poor indoor air quality can be more detrimental than poor air quality outdoors, which is why it is important to ensure that the correct ventilation systems are installed. There are several different ventilation systems that serve different purposes, and depending on the industry you work in, your office space, site or factory floor should be fully equipped with the following:


Odour Extraction:


Recycling and waste management sites collect thousands of tonnes of garbage every day, and during the process of sorting and disposing, an offensive odour is emitted. This can be hazardous for employees and for residents who live close by and can be a huge distraction, which is why it’s important to install the correct odour extraction and ventilation systems within these environments. These extraction systems should work alongside dust and fume extraction systems and acoustic solutions to create the best possible work environment.


Dust and Fume Extraction:


Any factory or industry that changes or alters a material, for example an industry that melts plastic or spray paints something, will emit substances or chemicals that could be harmful to the people working in the vicinity. Toxic pollutants such as Nitrous Oxide, Carbon Monoxide and Methane can cause serious health problems for employees if the correct ventilation system is put in place. Installing a ventilation system into this work environment will help to circulate fresh, clean air, and can also prevent any fume related illnesses or conditions.


Ventilation systems and stainless steel ducting solutions should be completely bespoke to your company and the sector you work in, in order to ensure that clean, safe air is being provided for your employees.

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