19 Oct 2017

Why is Regular Duct Maintenance Important?

Indoor air pollution is a problem in any space, but as it is a problem that is rarely visible many people can forget about it. Proper maintenance is the only way to prevent the build-ups that lead to bad air quality – a practice which is vital in a commercial working space above all else.

Ductwork cleaning should be factored into the working life of your business, as it may have a serious effect on your employee’s health.

What Does Duct Cleaning Consist Of?

Cleaning a duct of a buildup of dust particles, moisture and other contaminants is the primary goal of this maintenance. It is especially important when it comes to moisture, as if left unchecked it can quickly evolve into a mould which can then affect the health of your workers as a whole.

Mould can be a huge health hazard and is one of the most important reasons for you to invest in regular maintenance.

Duct Contamination

In a commercial working space, it can be difficult to avoid contamination. Of course, using the correct filters and changing them regularly is one way to keep on top of it outside of a regular maintenance cycle. If you notice that they become clogged on a regular basis, then this should become an integral part of your routine in order to avoid issues that only become apparent during a full maintenance.

It is better to be preventative than reactive when it comes to maintaining your

Level of Occupancy

The amount of use the space receives has an effect on when your regular duct maintenance should take place. Obviously, a space with low use needs duct maintenance on a much less regular basis than one with high use. Typically, it is as follows:

  • Low Use > maintenance every 48 months
  • Medium Use > maintenance every 24 months
  • High Use > maintenance every 12 months

A low use room includes storage, the medium includes anything from a hotel to a general working area, whereas a high use room includes hospital treatment areas and laboratories.


Overall, regular ductwork maintenance needs to be a part of your year to year life as a commercial business. Neglecting this can have a serious impact on the air quality of the space and, indeed, on your workers as a whole.

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