Industrial Acoustics Manufacture

Acoustic Enclosures

Compressor Enclosures, Generator Enclosures and more. We can manufacture full enclosures made to measure including frames. Or we can also supply acoustic panels. Our purpose built enclosures can include windows, doors and ventilation systems to suit the requirements of the equipment. Our enclosures off both noise protection as well as access for routine maintenance and operation of equipment.

Acoustic Booths

We specialise in the manufacture of small acoustic booths for fans and heat pumps. These booths can contain access panels and different types of ventilation options depending on the application and use.

Industrial Attenuators

Our attenuators are available in standard sizes and models, with selections be made by us to meet your noise rating needs as well as the design of bespoke attenuators for specialist needs, such as 1 off attenuators for specific needs.

Minimal system downtime