12 Nov 2018

Benefits Of Regular Ductwork Cleaning

The purpose of ductwork is to prevent poor air quality and relate to the ventilation and air conditioning of your office building or home, which makes regular ductwork cleaning a large priority. Mould, mildew and various bacteria can build up easily in air duct systems, majorly affecting the air quality in indoor environments. Here is a list of 5 benefits you can gain from regular ductwork cleaning in your indoor environments, especially in relation to heating, cooling and air conditioning.


Ductwork Cleaning Can Improve Overall Indoor Air Quality


Indoor air pollution can be just as harmful as outdoor air pollution in many businesses. Due to the substances that pass through air ducts, mould and pollutants can build up in the ventilation systems and settle over time. Although most air ducts tend to have filters installed, not all contaminants are caught and filtered. Performing regular ductwork cleaning can improve airflow by reducing the amount of debris in the system.


Reduces Indoor Air Pollution Hazards And Promotes Indoor Health


Some of the most common indoor air pollutants such as tobacco smoke and mould can contribute to indoor air pollution, slowly intensifying the more that it dwells and lingers. This, added to everyday pollutants such as dust particles can make indoor air pollution extremely harmful. Cleaning ductworks regularly can promote a healthier indoor environment for workers. It can get rid of pollutants and contaminants that could be breathed in by workers, making the air around them healthier.


Increases The Longevity Of HVAC System


Maintaining the condition of your air ducts allows them to last longer and helps to reduce costs replacing or repairing it. If there are issues with the air flow, it forces HVAC systems to work harder at its ideal performance. This can make the system vulnerable to wear and tear as it wouldn’t functioning correctly. By performing regular ductwork cleaning, it can improve the life expectancy of a system, restoring the air flow and reducing the stress load on the system.


Regular Ductwork Cleaning Improves Indoor Comfort


A poor performing ductwork system can lead to extreme discomfort for staff members in the working environment, especially with air conditioning and heating concerned. To maintain the wellbeing of your staff members, it’s important to perform regular ductwork cleaning so air conditioning systems don’t become faulty and heating systems don’t break down. This will allow your staff members to perform to the best of their ability and it’s less likely to lead to absences so you make the most of your resources during working hours.



Boost The Energy Efficiency Of Your HVAC Systems


Due to the ductwork being unclogged and cleaned regularly, your heating and air conditioning systems are less likely to break down and you’re able to maintain the ideal temperatures in your working environment. This means that less energy is required in order for the systems to function, improving airflow and performance in the process. If your HVAC unit struggles less, it’s less prone to malfunctioning and it can help reduce any repair costs in the future



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