19 Nov 2018

How To Reduce Condensation Around Windows In Your Bathroom

Although a hot shower gives you the chance to wind down and relax after a long day’s hard work, it can cause in an issue with increasing humidity and resulting in you finding ways on how to reduce condensation around windows in your bathroom. In particular, it can allow your windows to steam up and increase the chances of mould and mildew forming around it. As everyone will design their bathrooms differently, how you can tackle the issue of condensation varies. Ultimately, there are various ways you can help reduce condensation around windows in your bathroom.


Extractor Fan


An extractor fan should already be fitted in your bathroom to steam build up that can be created from taking a shower or using the hot water in the sink. In which case, make the most of it and turn it on during or after your shower for about 10-15 minutes. Because of the moisture they create, it’s important to try to get rid of it as quickly as possible.


Open The Windows


Similar to running your fans, opening your windows can also help with reducing the amount of moisture that can occur in your bathroom. A handy tip is opening the window before you have a shower and keep it open during your shower. This allows steam to leave through the window rather than build up in your shower.


Wipe Down Your Windows And Stalls


It can be handy to wipe down your windows with condensation build up or water droplets that have been left on the shower stall. If water is left to evaporate, it can create further humidity in the bathroom. To reduce condensation around windows and mirrors, it’s handy to have a squeegee that can remove the water particles without causing smears and smudges on surfaces. Use it immediately after taking a hot shower or using excessive amounts of hot water.


Have Cool Showers


Not only will having cooler showers reduce condensation around windows in your bathroom, but it can also help from a financial point of view, lowering your energy bills in the process. Cold showers reduce humidity in your bathroom as it releases less moisture in the air.


Hang Damp Towels Outside


It can be common for people to hang their wet towel behind the bathroom door after use but this can also contribute to humidity increasing in your bathroom space. So, rather than leaving them indoors to dry hang them outside on the washing line as soon as you’ve dried yourself down. Leaving them to air dry outdoors means condensation won’t build up in your bathroom.


These are a few tips on how to reduce condensation around your windows in your bathroom. Not only is humidity control needed in your bathroom but large industrial spaces also require some form of ventilation practice.


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