21 Apr 2015

Acoustic Louvre Case Study

Our customer had a requirement to manufacture, supply and fit a series of single bank acoustic louvres to the plant rooms of several new supermarket stores, where heat build up and noise were the key issues.

The new plant rooms where designed with openings to allow for acoustic louvers to be fitted in order to provide fresh air to the plant and simultaneously control the noise, many of the plant rooms were situated nearby to residences and so noise emissions could not exceed the environmental health’s requirements.

At Airmatic Acoustics we manufactured and supplied several sections of Acoustic louvres to be fitted into the openings in the plant room, typically three openings where left to allow for the acoustic louvres, our designs were taken from measurements of the openings to which the louvres where then manufactured.

As these louvers where parts of a new build, the aesthetics of the louvres was important and we were required to polyester powder coat the louvres to the specified RAL colour before installation. In addition to this several of the stores also required the inclusion of a matching acoustic door in the same RAL colour.

The performance data of the louvres and door was supplied to the consultant so that they could include this in their calculations to ensure the performance met the correct noise criteria.

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