11 Feb 2019

Causes Of Respiratory Problems In An Industrial Workplace

There can be many factors for developing lung-disease, especially related to work-related environments. Having a long-term exposure to certain irritants and chemicals that are inhaled in the lungs can lead to long-term respiratory problems in the future, even when you’re no longer exposed to the chemicals and atmosphere. Here we take a look at what are the common causes of respiratory problems when working in an industrial workplace and the diseases they can cause.


What Are The Common Causes Of Respiratory Problems?


Particles that float in the air are the main source for causing respiratory problems. The smaller they are, the more damaging they’re likely to be to your body as they’re easier to inhale and travel longer within your lungs. As they’re absorbed, there are diseases that can result from it:


Asbestos: Due to the work that is conducted within factories, it can be easy for commercial buildings to develop asbestos in high places. As a result, workers in the factory can be exposed to asbestos fibres which can eventually lead to lung scarring.


Coal Dust: This term was developed because of the harm inhaling coal dust can cause to the body. These are likely to be common in coal workers and those who work within the the mining industry. Over time, it can be difficult for you to breath and can easily cause lung damage.


Fungus and Bacteria: Being exposed to fungus, bacteria and other similar chemicals can occur when working on farms or being employed as a cork worker. Long-term exposure to these bacterias and chemicals can result in inflamed air sacs and breathing trouble.


Dust, Gas and Vapor Exposure: Industries such as manufacturing, food processing and textiles are prone to releasing dust and gas into the atmosphere. As a result, it can lead to several asthma symptoms including wheezing and chronic coughing. As this exposure is rather common in such industries, regulated health and safety conditions would be in place.


What Are Respiratory Problem Symptoms I Should Look Out For?


There are prevalent telltale signs that you may have respiratory problems and you should be looking to reduce your exposure to the causes of respiratory problems in your workplace. The symptoms can include:


– Coughing

– Issues with breathing

– Pain In Your Chest

– Tightness Feeling In The Chest

– Irregular Breathing Patterns


How Can I Be Treated?

This will be dependent on the type of respiratory problem that you have and there isn’t a defined cure to diseases caused by exposure. However, treatments from causes of respiratory problems can help in the following ways:


– Prevent Further Exposure

– Reduce Lung Scarring

– Make The Symptoms More Manageable

– Remain Active And Healthy


Industrial workplaces can be extremely dangerous environments to work in and can easily lead to long term health risks. Ensuring that the correct safety precautions and fittings are in place can help to reduce the common causes of respiratory problems. To explore and learn more about the services that we provide, contact us here.


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