18 Feb 2019

How To Stay Cool Working In An Industrial Factory

Keeping Cool In An Industrial Factory

An industrial factory/workplace are known to reap in a bit of heat due to large industrial machinery being used and large amounts of physical work being conducted. As an industrial worker, it’s essential that you’re able to remain cool whilst working and prevent the chances of dizziness or dehydration. To ensure that this is the case, here are some useful tips to help you stay cool whilst working in an industrial factory.

Try To Eat Healthily

What you eat can have a great effect on your mood and energy levels throughout the day. Light but energy filled meals whilst working a factory can help you to digest food easily and prevent sluggishness which can contribute to your body radiating heat. Useful meals and foods that you can have as part of your diet can include bananas, rice, eggs, nuts and turkey.

Replace Your Electrolytes With Fluids

Electrolytes are a form of potassium that helps in the body’s function to store glucose, your muscles’ main source of energy. As you’re likely to be doing a lot of physical work within the factory, it’s important that your muscles are able to replenish their energy stores. This is why where possible, you should look to replace your electrolytes with electrolyte replacement drinks and intake this regularly throughout the day.

Use Fans or Cooling In The Industrial Factory

In an industrial factory or workplace, there are sure to be installations and fittings for air ventilation to keep the surrounding area cool. However, some workers can be different to others and whilst one may feel as though they’re cool enough to work, others may not. This is where you could introduce additional cooling methods such as having more fans or other forms of forced ventilation. You can keep these within close quarters of where you work so you can stay cooler for longer periods in the factory environment.

Cooling Specific Clothing

Although in the factory you’ll likely be provided with the safety clothing and equipment, there’s no reason why you can’t buy other forms of clothing that will help to keep you cool. If you wear overalls for example, these tend to be quite thick and uncomfortable to wear in hot weather. Wear cooling vests underneath them to help to overheat whilst you’re working. In some cases, you may also wear hard hats as part of your job so consider wearing cooling liners underneath them to prevent sweat build-up.

Work In Shorter Periods

The wellbeing of staff should be a serious matter for managers of businesses. Your health will be a top priority so if you feel that you need to work in shorter periods then let your boss know. Smaller breaks during the day will help you to sustain your productivity levels for longer and you’re less likely to get exhausted as a result of it. This should be something that should be introduced for all staff members when the weather begins to get hot.

If you’re looking to add ventilation or heat extraction units in your business, feel free to contact us here for more information.

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