25 Feb 2019

Leading Causes Of Absence In The Workplace

When a member of staff calls in sick at work, it isn’t necessarily because they are ill which has caused the absence in the workplace. There are other defining reasons why a colleague may do this but prefer not to clarify the full situation to their employers. This is why it’s extra important that employers can cater to their employees needs so they can preserve good wellbeing in the overall business. So, what are the main causes of absence in the workplace? Here are 10 causes and solutions to improve mental and physical health in your workplace.




There are plenty of women who work that also have children to attend to at home. When illness occurs for the child and alternative arrangements aren’t available, parents would have to call in sick to look after their child or have a day off. Childcare services take time to arrange, but the only active hours for these services tend to be during working hours.


As a solution, some workplaces offer in-house services and other forms of help for emergency childcare situations. There are also helplines available to find networks and nanny services on behalf of the parent so they can continue their work.


Workplace Accidents


Health and safety will be a top priority for many employers, but on occasions, accidents can occur. This would require the member of staff to take absence in the workplace depending on the severity of the injury.


This is where health and safety training is extremely important. Providing this for staff on a regular basis can ensure that accidents are prevented and less staff take time off work. A health and safety officer can be put in place to monitor procedures and also arrange awareness courses if they’re needed.


Absence In The Workplace Due To Sickness


Some of the most common causes of absence in the workplace are down to stress or poor working conditions. If employees are being overworked or set unrealistic deadlines, they can find it hard to manage and it can easily lead to exhaustion. This can have both physical and mental effects on the employee. Working environments can have poor indoor air quality which leads to germs being spread and employees becoming ill.


Colleagues should be able to speak out if they’re finding work stressful and they should be provided with the relevant support to ensure they can recover from it. As an employer, you need to make sure that your working environment is safe for your staff to work in. Make sure your ventilation systems are regularly checked and that oxygen is circulated regularly throughout the building so particles don’t build up.




Bereavement to close family member or friend can be extremely difficult to deal with and with the added pressures of work, it wouldn’t be the ideal environment for someone suffering to work in. Mentally, the staff member wouldn’t be in the right place and it would ideal for them to stay with close family and friends.


As always though, a business should always look to provide support wherever possible. Counselling services in-house would be beneficial to help speed up the return to work process where employees can have someone to listen to. Paid leave can also help with supporting the member of staff through a rough time.


The list isn’t exhaustive but these are just a few of the reasons that businesses may have a regular absence in the workplace of employees. As an employer, you should do your bit and begin with circumstances you can control such as your work environment. Visit our ventilation solutions page for more details on the services we can provide to improve your indoor air quality.


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