4 Mar 2019

Effective Ways To Get Clean Air In Your Home

The air around us what we breathe in can have a large impact on our health, which makes it crucial to have clean air at home. Poor air quality can lead to many health issues including heart disease, lung cancer and strokes, as well as other health problems. What may be surprising for you to know, is the air that we breathe indoors can be just as dangerous as the air outside. This is why it’s important to consider getting quality clean air into our homes considering the number of hours that we spend in them. Here are some handy ways to purify the air in your home.


Purchase An Air Purifier For Clean Air


A useful addition you can make to your home is to purify the air is through an air purifier. They are able to eliminate a large number of harmful particles that are airborne around your home. In particular, HEPA filter air purifiers are known to be incredibly effective and can be better than standard ventilation systems.


Open Your Windows Regularly


As mentioned earlier, the air inside can be more harmful than the air outside. So, open your windows so the air can circulate effectively and improve the overall air quality in your home. It’s an extremely simple method to promote clean air in your home, even if you do it for about 10 minutes a day.


Scatter Plants Around The House


This is another simple method that’s extremely effective to purify the air in your home. The processes formed in plants can reduce the number of toxins that circulate the air in your home and produces clean air as a result. At the same time, they also add a bit of colour to your interior design.


Beeswax Candles


The ingredients found in beeswax candles help to ionise the air, evaporating any harmful gases or particles that are airborne around your home. They can also be helpful to those who suffer from allergies, as they’ve been known to remove allergens from the air. What’s useful about the candles is that they burn slow, so they don’t have to be replaced that often and they’re aesthetically pleasing on the eye.


Essential Oils


A DIY method of promoting clean air in your home is through essential oils. All you’d need to do is place a bowl of lukewarm water in the centre of your rooms, then add oils such as clove or rosemary to the water and let it sit whilst it does all the work. These essential oils are known to kill bacteria and fungi found in the air.


All of these methods are great ways to ensure clean air circulates around your home. By implementing them regularly, you’re less likely to gain health issues and you can have the reassurance that you’re living in a healthy home.


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