11 Mar 2019

Ventilation Tips If You Don’t Have A Range Hood Or Vent In The Kitchen

Although this may not be much of a concern in a house that you’ve purchased, for renters in a shared space it can be a bit of a pest, which is why ventilation tips may be required if you don’t have a range hood or vent. Not having sufficient ventilation in the kitchen can cause the space to smell or have steam up. If this is a common problem for you, here are some ventilation tips to ensure this doesn’t occur.


Invest In A Window Fan


Some rented spaces may not be so lucky enough to have a window near their kitchen, but if you do, invest and install a small window fan. It should have an “exhaust” setting that will pull all the air out whilst you cook and prevent odour smell build up.


Use A Portable HEPA Air Filter


One of the common ventilation tips when it comes to providing fresh air in the kitchen is purchasing a portable HEPA air filter. This helps to capture smells and provide constant circulation of fresh air in your kitchen whilst you cook. This can be extremely useful for those who regularly cook meats and fish as these particular ingredients can leave lingering smells.


Turn On A Fan In Another Room


Odours in a home circulate relatively quickly if you don’t have sufficient filtration. This can mean odours stretch throughout the house and leave lingering smells that you probably don’t want to have, especially if you have guests round often. A rented space can often mean that rooms are situated close to the communal areas and they are likely to have some form of ventilation, like the bathroom for example. As you don’t have proper ventilation in the kitchen, turn on the fan in another room so you can benefit from odours not lingering. It might not resolve the issue completely, but it can reduce the problem dramatically.


Wash Fan Filters Regularly


If you have the benefit of a recirculating fan, be sure to check them regularly and maintain them to a good standard. If they’re working, then there’s likely to be particles that have built up in there and caused them to be dirty.


Ventilation Tips Also Include Purchasing A CO Meter


Ventilation tips don’t come as common as purchasing a CO meter and it’s probably one that gets missed often. This can be dangerous considering it can also be a health risk if you use a gas stove. It gives off carbon monoxide gases which are gases that aren’t visible in the air so it would be worth investing in a CO2 meter that can help to track the emissions in your rented space or window. If CO2 levels are getting dangerously high, it would definitely be time to invest in fans or extra ventilation.


Do you cook without range hood fans? Or perhaps you own a commercial space which you rent out that hasn’t had a range hood invested in it? If so, these ventilation tips should be considered whilst you’re cooking in your kitchen.

For landlords and property owners, they may be required to ensure that your tenants remain safe and satisfied with their surroundings. Airmatic offer ventilation solutions that can help to cater to your needs for commercial spaces.

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