5 Nov 2018

Common Sources of Noise Pollution

Cities are continuing to develop and small towns are beginning to grow, as a result, sources of noise pollution are increasing and it’s becoming a larger problem across the world. In the 21st century, loud noises appear everywhere from busy roads to construction sites and are common in everyday life. However, consistent exposure to noise pollution can lead to an increase in stress and long-term health problems. There are many common sources of noise pollution that should be contained or avoided:


Vehicles & Transportation


One of the biggest contributors to noise pollution are vehicles on roads and motorways. Aircraft, trains and cars are just some of the examples of transportation vehicles that contribute to noise pollution. Not only is it the engines themselves that contribute to noise pollution, but also the features that come with them. For example, an emergency services vehicle has a siren to alert those nearby there’s an emergency. Similarly, tram comes with a horn to let pedestrians know they’re moving on the track.


Growth in Population


Common sources of noise pollution can even increase from a growing population. More jobs and housing are created, which makes city areas, in particular, busier and prone to larger levels of noise in the surrounding area. Cities such as London and Tokyo are prime examples of well-populated areas that are likely to have potentially harming levels of noise.


Industrial Workplaces


Construction industries are heavily criticised for the amount of air and noise pollution they omit from their factories and sites. However, due to the trade of work, it’s extremely difficult to prevent this causes from happening. Large equipment and machines are used on a regular basis which can’t help but generate excessive noise. To prevent this, businesses are installing acoustic enclosures to cut down on noise. And it’s not just industrial workplaces that cause this. A simple office job can still be classed as a common source of noise pollution.


Everyday Noises In Life


The simplest of noises can also be sources of harmful noise pollution. The items we use every day can lead to long-term health problems such as radios, alarms, washing machines and telephones. It’s common for individuals to play music sources really loud. Mainly to prevent sounds from the outside interfering with what they’re listening to, but regular exposure to it can burst eardrums or potentially cause deafness.


Ways To Protect My Hearing


There are a number of ways that you can protect your hearing from noise pollution. A common way to tackle it is through earplugs. Due to their discreetness, they can be worn in practically any situation which will help reduce harm from sources of noise pollution. 

Industrial workplaces can install attenuators in their systems that help to reduce noise signals that are made from large industrial equipment, helping to protect their employees from the noise. The appropriate safety equipment for staff is also worth investing in.


For more information on ways in which you can prevent pollution in your workplace, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to help.



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