23 Jan 2020

Exposure to Dust in the Workplace and How to Prevent It

Dust Safety

Dust can become a problem in almost any industry or workplace. Dust can be created in a number of ways; cutting, sieving, crushing, milling, cleaning – the list goes on. If not controlled using the correct methods, dust can become a health hazard for those who work closely with it.

Particles of dust can be so fine that they aren’t visible to the naked eye and so dust isn’t often considered a risk. However it is usually the invisible dust particles that can be the most damaging. The effect dust causes to someone’s health can vary, through inhalation, ingestion, contact with the skin and eyes, severe and irreversible health issues can be caused.

There are a number of precautions that should be taken to reduce the exposure to dust in the workplace, for example; adjusting or enclosing the process in the workplace so the volume of dust being produced is reduced, implementing controls so workers are not exposed for lengthy periods of time to the dust and suitable protective clothing should also be worn.

In situations where the precautions listed above are not sufficient, a Dust Extraction System should be installed. A Dust Extraction System manages the movement of dust via ducting, using a number of fans and controls to a filter unit.

In addition to improving the health and wellbeing of workers and increasing productivity, Dust Extraction Systems come with a number of other benefits; circulation of clean air, more control of workplace hazards and limiting damage to machinery and goods.

Our skilled and experienced team have the knowledge to be able to help fix dust related problems in the workplace, using tailor-made dust extraction solutions. To find out how we are able to help please phone us on 0161 746 4004.

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