12 Feb 2018

Five Best Ways to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Cleanliness in the workplace is vital to ensure the indoor air quality. Especially if you have practices which create a lot of particles or gas, as this can build up and cause a number of problems. So, what are the best ways for you to start improving the air quality of your workspace today?

1) Scraper Mats

These are like regular entryway mats, except they are extra efficient at removing soil and other residual particles from shoes as you enter or leave. Some sources say that this traps up to 80% of dirt from foot traffic, resulting in a much better indoor air quality as a result. For industrial areas that are in particular need of cleanliness, then this is important to have even between rooms inside the workspace.

2) Furnaces

Regular cleaning of furnaces and other heating/cooling devices is essential to ensure indoor air quality, particularly in order to remove excess gas or discharge. Regular replacement of filters is also important to help remove harmful particles from the air at regular intervals.

3) Regular Cleaning

The best way to maintain a clean space and air quality is to ensure that there is regular cleaning in your workplace. Mopping floors after vacuuming is also important to implement, as it can help to remove more germs and soiling than simply hoovering alone. Especially if you have an industrial process that utilises particularly harmful chemicals.

4) Dehumidifier  

Humidity is a huge contributor to poor air quality in an industrial or commercial workplace. The moisture can be extremely damaging, which means it should be reduced as much as possible. Keeping your workplace humidity at a 30% to 50% range helps to reduce mould, dust and other harmful particles. Particularly important for the health of your workers.

5) Seal Off Areas

To keep certain areas of your industrial space as clean as possible, for maximum air quality, you should consider a divided workspace. Fabric curtains help to capture particles and maintain different air spaces between your different process rooms. Paired with a scraper mat and the air quality should improve between rooms at a rapid rate.

At the end of the day, there are a number of things that you can do in order to ensure the high-quality of the air in your workspace. This is particularly important if you produce large amounts of dust, fume or other harmful particles. Ensuring this makes it both a better place for your workers and a more efficient space, as it as clean as it can possibly be.


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