6 Aug 2018

Five Ways To Improve Safety In Your Factory

Every factory has a different function and the way its health and safety operation will vary. However, all warehouses need to continually check for new ways to improve their safety, which will essential to boost morale, enhance performance while keeping your staff and business safe from any dangers. Here are five ways to improve the safety in your factory.


Regular Training

Whether a member of staff has been in the factory for one month, one year or ten years, refresher courses in health and safety will help to avoid complacency in the factory. Looking at new techniques to use is another way to improve safety, and adding anything new into the training will keep all employees alert.


It can be really easy for a member of staff to skip essential safety checks when they’ve been performing a role repeatedly, so monitoring training and performance is necessary.




One of the most important ways to improve safety in a factory. Checking and/or upgrading the ventilation systems in a factory is essential for improving both safety and productivity, harmful substances can be moved around a warehouse, and ensuring they are extracted correctly means that staff with stay healthy and happy. During certain times of the year, factories can become very warm or cold and by making sure ventilation is controlling the temperature so that employees will have a heightened focus.



Fire Safety

Fire safety is a legal requirement that should regularly be tested. Factories can be dangerous places, and the likeliness of a fire might be heightened in this environment. Regularly evaluations of fire doors and fire precautions mean that staff will feel safer, and if anything were to happen, employees will know exactly what to do and where to go.



Caution Signs

Especially for new employees, a factory can have a lot of different aspects to focus on and if particular areas arent cautioned they might become a victim of an accident. Slippy areas, the risk of falling debris and machinery signs are essential for reminding all staff about what is occurring in that area of the factory.



Daily Updates

With that constant change and pace of the factory floor, having a notice board or tannoy updates daily will help staff be aware of any potential issues. Staff being unavailable for the day, machinery being broken or hazardous substance being compromised are examples of essential issues staff should know about. Keeping everyone aware of current factory news is an easy way to improve safety.


Although these areas should already be covered in your factories guidelines, offer refreshers and reevaluating your health and safety might help you identify new ways to protect your employees and factory.


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