3 Jun 2019

Why Good Ventilation System Design Is Important

Inhaling clean air is essential for our bodies and helps them to function correctly. In an ideal world, we’d want to breathe in fresh air all the time but it’s not always possible considering the majority of our hours are spent indoors during the day. For industrial spaces in particular, it’s common for poor air flow to be in the atmosphere and this is why they’re regularly fitted with industrial ventilation systems. Good ventilation system design is important for creating a safe and comfortable environment for workers. If you’re looking to have ventilation systems installed at your business, there are several factors that you need to consider when looking at the design and functionality of the ventilation system that you choose.

Condensation for good ventilation system design

It can be a regular occurrence for condensation and moisture build-up to form when a factory environment isn’t well ventilated. In the majority of cases, natural ventilation such as opening doors and windows aren’t sufficient enough for large industrial environments. A good ventilation system design will increase airflow and remove excess moisture that’s developing throughout the environment. 


Considering the intense nature of an industrial environment, the temperature can build at excessive rates due to the number of workers in the space. There are also several machines that will be functioning which will be giving off heat whilst being used. This creates an uncomfortable temperature for factory workers to deal with, however, a good ventilation system design that is well created will enable temperatures to be controlled and create safer working environments for staff workers.

Air Quality

One of the main purposes of a ventilation system is to make sure that the air quality indoors is improved and prevents bacteria build up. Proper ventilation system design will help to improve the air quality in work factory environments, removing odours that are unpleasant and reduce the chance of pollutants circulating in the indoor space that can normally cause illness in workers.

Safety & Health

It’s a legal requirement for workers to have access to fresh and ventilated air as it can seriously damage the health of employees. Poor air quality can lead to headaches, throat irritations and nausea. Ensuring the design of your ventilation system helps to tackle these issues is important to keeping within the law and protecting your workers.

Airmatic’s team of experts considers all aspects of good quality bespoke ventilation systems, right from the design stage to the manufacturing stage. To learn more about our ventilation system services and products contact us here.


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