10 Jun 2019

Signs It’s Time For A Ductwork Replacement

There are crucial connections and systems within a ductwork system that plays a vital role in the cost and efficiency of the heating and cooling of your industrial environment, therefore there should be vital signs that you should look out for if you require a ductwork replacement. Ductwork is essentially used as the circulation for the main HVAC system and if improperly installed, it can lead to many problems including energy bills becoming high, spots in the environment becoming hot and cold, amongst other problems. If you have ductwork that is rather old or you feel that your ductwork is not working correctly, there are signs you can recognise which makes it time for a ductwork replacement.

Ducts become kinked

Although it’s recommended that an inspection should be completed by a qualified HVAC technician, there are checks that you can do yourself which can provide you with telltale signs that you may need a ductwork replacement. You’ll be able to check the parts that are immediately visible to you like checking whether there is air leaking out or there are holes in the ductwork. They can also become kinked or bent, in which case you’d need to contact an HVAC expert ductwork replacement as soon as possible.

Inconsistent Air Flow

If your industrial ductwork appear to be having an airflow problem, it’s mainly down to friction within the duct. If the air that is running through the ductwork happens to make contact with the inner surfaces, it can slow down and lose energy. There are many factors that can be the reason for this including the material that the duct is made out of, if it’s extremely dirty or the pressure of the air through the duct. 

Hot and Cold Spots

Inconsistent air flow in a ductwork system can also lead to hot and cold spots within your commercial building. This can be a good sign that your ductwork isn’t working correctly. There are many reasons for this including misjudgement of size, there is leaking occurring or the airflow is obstructed in some way. If you feel this is occurring, the experts at Airmatic can determine if the hot and cold spots are coming from.

Noise = Ductwork Replacement

Strange noises coming from your ductwork is another sign that it could be faulty. This tends to come after something has happened suddenly in the ductwork or gradually over time. Sure sounds to listen out for include rattling, shaking and whistling. These sounds suggest that your ductwork either has leaks and holes or there is something loose in your ductwork. If these issues aren’t addressed immediately, it can reduce the efficiency of your ductwork.

For any ductwork replacement or maintenance services, check in with the experts at Airmatic.



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