30 Nov 2017

Health Conditions Caused by Poor Indoor Air Quality

Revealing the Adverse Health Effects of Poor Indoor Air Quality

Although you may not realise, poor air quality outdoors and it can have a major effect on your health. More often these circumstances occur in major cities and more populated areas but indoor air quality can affect any building in any location for several reasons. This article will explain the long and short-term health conditions that can occur and measures to put in place to avoid them.

Short-term Effects

The short-term effects aren’t life-threatening but are very noticeable and can affect your work rate and appearance. Effects including coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, fatigue, dizziness and headaches are common with the lack of good air quality. These symptoms can be mixed up and go unnoticed because they can similar effects to allergies, stress and the common cold, this gives these short-term problems the potential to become long-term harmful effects.

Physical Effects

Although some of the mentioned effects are physical there can be more uncommon but noticeable physical effects from air quality, an unexpected effect is hearing loss it can be dangerous being ignored over time but can be a common effect, breathing problem occurs which also leads to frequent nosebleeds that are hard to ignore. Nausea and vomiting also take place that can even lead to anorexia.  

Long-term Effects

The long-term effects are a lot more dangerous so ignoring any indoor problems whether it in in the home or workplace shouldn’t occur. The severity of this matter is that it can lead to death, being exposed to pollutants such as carbon monoxide work quickly in the effects that they cause. Other hazards include Cancer and lung disease, in the US alone scientists deem indoor air pollution one of the most important environmental problems because of the Cancer risk alone. The most noticeable long-term effect is shortness of breath and difficulty breathing, they need to be addressed immediately.

How Poor Air Occurs

Poor air quality is most noticeable when a person changes environment, whether it’s a new job or home. Obvious symptoms will occur that shouldn’t be ignored, which can come from several issues such as redecorating the house or home improvements that include substances that affect air quality or the opposite when furniture or hidden area of a room become mouldy this can produce poor air. Smelly or stuffy air is a noticeable effect for poor air quality which usually relates to dirty or poor heat and cooling equipment. If it’s on an industrial level the business has a responsibility to check the air and the substances they use daily to assure the staff nothing is harmful to their wellbeing.

How to Prevent Poor Air Quality

Some air quality issues have quick fixes, considering new ventilation system can help improve the room and pull more healthy air in from outside. On a business level, a comment from a staff member can make all the difference, a company will want to improve safety measures to help staffs work rate and happiness so if the company hasn’t already noticed unsafe air problems feedback is key.


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