4 Feb 2019

Essential Health and Safety Tips In The Workplace

Many people are victim to injury or dangerous incidents in the workplace which makes it vitally important for businesses to ensure the health and safety of staff and visitors. Here are some of the essential health and safety tips in the workplace that every business owner should consider so that the wellbeing of people in the premises is kept a priority.

What Are The Benefits Of Following Health And Safety Tips In The Workplace?

Boost Productivity – If staff members witness regular accidents and incidents in the workplace, it can easily play on their mind or raise concerns about the safety of themselves and others. By ensuring better health and safety, it can help to increase productivity as workers will be more focused on their work rather than their safety.

Retain Staff – Another effect of poor health and safety is it causing staff members to leave the business and find work elsewhere which is safer. This can increase costs related to recruitment and training which is why health and safety tips in the workplace are crucial to follow. 

Decrease Insurance Premiums – Every business will have to take out business insurance to ensure it’s protected. If there isn’t a commitment to health and safety, insurers may fear several claims coming their way, resulting in an increase in premium fees.

Carry Out Regular Risk Assessments

Risk assessments are carried out to assess every possible risk to health and safety, almost like an itinerary. This will allow you to record any potential hazards and the rating of the risk they have to health. It then provides the opportunity to outline what can be done to help reduce the risk.

Appoint A Health And Safety Officer

The role of a business owner means a heavy and busy schedule. This may mean that health and safety regulations aren’t completely manageable with your day to day tasks. Regardless if it’s not, you’re legally required to have someone who keeps on top of the health and safety of your business. Consider the skills and knowledge that they have of the business to enable them to be a ‘competent person’ in the role.

Write A Health And Safety Policy 

If you have 5 or more employees employed in your business, it’s a legal requirement to have a health and safety policy in place that every person can follow. The policy doesn’t necessarily have to be detailed, just as long is it outlines the general health and safety procedures that staff members need to follow to mitigate risk.

Provide Health and Safety Training

So that employees are aware of basic health and safety procedures, you need to be able to provide your staff with health and safety training. This will generally concern managing the work environment and best practice for a safe workspace station. A vital part of the health and safety training is making sure that staff know where fire exits are located and where to rendezvous if a fire was to occur. 

It can be difficult for first-time business owners to grasp health and safety procedures. However, there are several sources of help and advice available that can help support you every step of the way. Local councils and safety groups are also accessible to contact to gain health and safety information related to your business.

Many of the services that we provide are built to ensure worker safety in the workplace. For more information on our services or any other questions that you have, feel free to contact us here.

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