3 May 2018

How Can Acoustic Booths Help Your Workplace?

In the modern workplace, there are a number of issues that can arise which cause stress, illness and even mental health issues for your workers. Constant noise and distraction from a commercial or industrial workspace is one such factor. In areas of your business where you know that noise will be a problem, it is vital to curtail this with the appropriate acoustic booths or acoustic enclosures where possible.

So, what can an acoustic booth do for your workplace to ensure that health and safety is at the forefront of day to day activity?

Improved Worker Focus

Accidents happen when focus slips. And focus can slip for a number of different reasons; tiredness, distraction, noise levels and more. Limiting these factors as much as possible in the everyday working lives of your employees, then, is vital to consistent health and safety in the workplace.

This can also be helpful if there are residential, retail or other types of property close by as you will reduce the number of complaints regarding noise levels.

Acoustic Booths Reduced Stress

This also helps to reduce stress, so workers can go through their day to day work lives without the increased or constant burden of noise. Workers are less likely to be frustrated or irritated by coworkers if they cannot hear them, as well as removing the chance for constant headaches and other health conditions caused by constant noise. Acoustic booths are the best way to enclose these sounds that may increase staff stress.

Productivity Hike

Better focus and less stress are good for the health of your workers, but they also allow for better work practices and an overall better environment. In turn, this also leads to increased productivity throughout the business as people are able to work better in this improved environment. A good working environment is vital for productivity, with noise playing a huge role in this.


Hearing loss in an industrial or commercial workspace is a major problem and one that many workers do not consider in their daily lives. Employees are also able to communicate better thanks to controlling noise levels and with reduced distractions, they are able to reduce the number of accidents/incidents that occur due to noise levels.


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