15 Apr 2019

How Do Dust Mites Affect Humans?

Dust mites are relatively minuscule insects, so you may be wondering how do dust mites affect humans considering they’re so small? Well, the harm they can cause those who suffer from asthma and allergic reactions can be quite big. Dust mites can be easily found in human living quarters and they thrive on dead skin that flake around every day. If the infestation of dust mites aren’t treated correctly, it can lead to several health problems including asthma attacks.

If you’re wondering how do dust mites affect humans, this guide with the information you need to know about the dangers they can have on humans.

Why Are Dust Mites Common?

Considering dust mites are found in pretty much every human vascinity, they can be practically anywhere. To the human eye, they can simply appear as dust particles but in reality they’re tiny bugs that feed on organic matter and flakes of dead skin. As they do this, they produce particles of waste which can cause allergic reactions. When they build up over time, they can become extremely dangerous to one’s health.

How Do Dust Mites Affect Humans Through An Allergic Reaction?

It’s the waste that dust mites produce which can cause the sneezing, wheezing, allergic reactions, irritations and other similar forms of health problems. It’s our immune systems which can be sensitive to these waste particles, producing antibodies to help fight them. Due to the chemical reaction that’s caused by this, irritations surface that are associated with dust mite allergies. If there are people who already suffer from particular respiratory problems the effects can be worse.

Is There Help For These Allergic Reactions?

Having an understanding of how do dust mites affect humans can help to rectify your breathing problems. If you still find you’re having breathing difficulties there are several ways you can help to combat the issue of dust mites:

– Use an air purifier either in your room or in other places around the house you think are suitable which can help encourage a dust mite free environment.

– Gradual desensitization to help cut down allergy symptoms

– Antihistamines/steroids can be taken to manage the allergies (although consult with a doctor first before doing so)

Although dust mites are considered rather unpleasant, they are part and parcel of everyday life. They are extremely difficult to completely vaporise, but there are still methods available to help fight them. Taking in steps above and making sure your surroundings are clean and well looked after, it can help to avoid dust mite infestations and reduce health complications.

Dust extraction should be fundamental in an industrial environment to prevent these issues for your workers. For more information on our dust extraction services, contact us or explore our dust extraction page.

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