16 Jul 2018

How Does a Ventilation System Work?

Industrial Ventilation is essential for commercial properties, it helps with health assurances and makes employees feel comfortable in their workspace. But how does a ventilation system work? It’s one thing to explain the benefits of a ventilation system, knowing how the system works helps to reinforce the reasoning behind having a high-quality ventilation installed. If you’re wondering how does a ventilation system work? Here’s a look at the key features of a mechanical, natural and hybrid ventilation systems.

How Does a Ventilation System Work: Mechanical

Mechanical ventilation is also known as “forced ventilation” is commonly the better option for the majority of industrial properties, ensuring all health and safety precautions are met. Mechanical ventilation is created by an air handling unit or by a fan that directly injects air into a room. This is typically the best option for most businesses, as the ventilation system can be controlled and altered if necessary.

How does a Ventilation System Work: Natural

Another option would be natural ventilation systems, which offer new pathways for air to flow, but nothing mechanical is in place. The choice could be fine for some businesses. However, if you allow air from outside into a cooler space below, it can cause humidity and condensation problems. Natural systems tend to rely on good weather, so if the weather isn’t very predictable, it’s best to avoid this option.

How Does a Ventilation System Work: Hybrid

There are also hybrid systems that use elements from both a mechanical and natural ventilation system to ensure ventilation is optimised most efficiently. Depending on the time of day or the weather, the hybrid system can use the benefits of either system to give the property the best outcome in the most cost-efficient way.

Putting any of these systems in place can help with the following issues that business can often face:

Odour Extraction: Manufacturing buildings, warehouses and even restaurants can have ventilation put in place to make employees feel more comfortable and avoid any harmful odours being inhaled.

Humidity Control: Any business that’s likely to heat up due to the type of building, the weather or any process that occurs inside will benefit from a mechanical system that can keep the temperature manageable.

Dust Extraction: Similar to odour extraction, removing any harmful outcomes from daily processes ensures the health of staff and also assures their comfort in the workplace in maximised.

Heat Recovery: Recycling heat into the buildings in the colder seasons keeps employees comfortable and also helps to keep technology in full operation.


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