16 Nov 2015

Media Blast Dust Extraction

In early 2014, we attended site at a large coach building organisation who were experiencing problems with heat and dust.


They were using a sand blasting to prepare their trailer chassis before painting and this media blasting process was producing excess dust in the atmosphere where workers needed to carry out essential tasks.  The customer required a solution to extract the dust and then supply fresh clean air to the work areas.

Airmatic Solutions – Design, Supply & Install

We designed a bespoke dust extraction system comprising of a variety of features which successfully extracted and filtered the dust and then supplied fresh, clean air back into the area of work.

The system comprised of:

  • Large reverse pulse jet filter unit
  • Galvanised Clip ducting and fittings
  • Spirally wound ducting

Our expert installation team attended site over a 4 week period working closely with the on site health and Safety manager.

After the job

Once the main body of work was completed we commissioned and handed the extraction system over. This was accompanied by an Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) test report.

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