19 Apr 2018

The Importance of a Commercial Kitchen Extraction System

Appropriately designed commercial kitchens need to be efficient and practical, but it is also vital that they are safe.  So, what factors can affect the safety of your kitchen and what extraction systems do you need to put in place in order to be as safe as possible?

Gas or Electric?

Whether your kitchen is using a gas or electric cooker will determine the type of ventilation that you need to invest in. Gas produces dangerous byproducts, both which can cause combustion and harm to your employees. Carbon monoxide poisoning can be largely undetectable if you do not have the proper precautions in place.


A build-up of grease can be a big problem and hazard in a commercial kitchen. Especially as such a large amount, without proper filters and cleaning, can easily cause a fire. The right filters, then, need to be installed to prevent this from becoming an issue.

Local Authority

Check with your local council and their particular regulations as, you may find, they have certain rules or requirements in place when it comes to appropriate commercial ventilation. It also needs to be appropriate for the environment and so gaining all of the advice possible is important.

Fire Safety Ventilation

In the case of a fire, it is important that you have a ventilation system which can compartmentalise and stop the spread of fire through your commercial space. Our fire rated ductwork can be a great way to ensure that fire stops spreading early during a breakout.



At the end of the day, safety in your kitchen should be paramount; especially as an unsafe environment can have a negative impact on your workers, patrons and even your neighbours if an issue were to become large scale.


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